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Etheral - Sea Pearls

The word itself implies Heavenly … Etheral is … a miracle in search of stunning beauty. Infinite experiments have achieved this majestic nectar, charged with energy that is wrapped in a fascinating aura. Algae stimulate and improve blood circulation, they are rich in minerals, proteins and COLLAGEN. They are ideal to regain the youthful, smooth and healthy appearance of the skin. The cultivation of algae combined with aloe vera, all lacking in parabens, makes this formula a prodigious elixir that regenerates and renews the skin.


Fascinating seaweed cream, which from the first contact with the skin, elevates its smoothness, regenerates it and gives it luminosity and hydration.


Sublime lotion, with a lighter touch and a dazzling finish. Its enveloping aura of softness brings luminosity to the skin and a satin finish.


Magical sea drops that visibly erase the passage of time. The most sensitive areas of the face are renewed, rejuvenated and deeply hydrated.


Divine elexir of the marine nature, which accelerates the process. Renewal of the skin, stimulating its collagen and natural elasticity of the skin.


Its seaweed has a calming effect on the skin, detoxifies and stimulates the natural recovery of the skin.