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About Us

Who Are We?
Etheral is a company based in the Canary Islands, dedicated to the development, study, and production of products for optimal skin treatment. Etheral products are inspired by the magic provided by the underwater world, natural seaweed. The nutrients provided by seaweed enrich and hydrate the skin, drawing inspiration from discovering infinite beauty. Etheral merges technology with the sublime power of the sea's nature. This miraculous union harmonizes with the body, resulting in youthful, velvety, and luminous skin, accentuating the individual beauty of each woman.
What Do We Do?
Etheral offers humanity the potential to improve, cultivate, and manifest as a unique and exceptional individual. No two people are the same; we are all unique and original, with charm, personality, and self-esteem. Our goal, along with innovation, is to offer the best of nature to optimize universal beauty. Etheral is constantly seeking a better understanding of the sea, with seaweed being the star ingredient in our products. We are continually expanding our knowledge boundaries, evolving, researching, and developing new products to enhance innate beauty. Etheral is aware of climate changes and is committed to the environment, respecting the planet, avoiding animal testing, avoiding the use of parabens, using environmentally-friendly packaging, and with a firm commitment to contributing to sustainable development. Etheral is a source of universal inspiration, with unique beauty standards and a commitment to the planet. Production takes place in our laboratories, avoiding dependence on third parties and optimizing product quality from its inception. We pursue excellence in our products and allocate the best raw materials to create them because we understand that quality is a customer's right.
Etheral is backed by the experience of the company Ejove, a company that began in the eighties due to the initiative of a group of professionals and has achieved recognition not only nationally but is also widely accepted internationally. The support provided by Ejove is reflected in knowledge of raw material qualities, production techniques, know-how, logistical support, and, most importantly, customer rights by ensuring they acquire supremely quality products.
Ethereal Spirulina
The magic of the sublime combination of Etheral provides the skin with a rich source of proteins and accelerates the elimination of contaminants concentrated on it. Etheral uses seaweed rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B12, and certain minerals that are essential for perfect skin care, generating new energy, eliminating shadows, and dryness found on the face. It also has the ability to detoxify the skin, renewing cells much faster for healing with a relaxing and anti-inflammatory effect. The Etheral combination maintains a balance on blood vessels and skin tissues by eliminating all those radicals and toxic substances that harm our skin through increased metabolism. The majestic nectar of Etheral contains Tyrosine, vitamin E, tocopherol, and selenium, thus naturally delaying the aging process. Etheral holds the formula for a miraculous elixir that regenerates and renews the skin.
What is Spirulina Algae?
Spirulina is an algae that possesses a cocktail of vitamins and minerals, mainly vitamin A, E, D, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, iron, zinc, folic acid, and essential acids. It is also a good source of oxygen due to its high chlorophyll content.
Why Choose Skin Products with Spirulina?
The benefits of spirulina in our daily skincare routine are limitless. It significantly improves skin metabolism, rapidly renews skin cells with much emphasis and speed, eliminates toxins, providing luminosity and an even and radiant tone. Spirulina helps achieve healthier skin due to its high concentration of Vitamin A, E, iron, calcium, and phosphorus, naturally leading to energized and luminous skin. Etheral offers all these beneficial properties in its wide range of natural products based on algae.

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